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Living a Green Lifestyle – Part 6: Supporting Green Companies

Posted on October 24th, 2014 and filed under Green Cleaning | Green Living

Supporting Green Companies

In our final blog post of our series on living a green lifestyle, we will discuss supporting companies that believe in the smae If you choose to live a green lifestyle, why not support companies that do the same? There are a variety of companies out there that are concerned about the environment and show this through their products and manufacturing. If you are passionate about living your life in a way that protects the environment, check out some of these companies that share this desire.

Earthlab Cosmetics

Earthlab Cosmetics logoWho says you can’t look good while living green and saving the planet? Earthlab cosmetics, is a company that provides all natural cosmetics. All of their ingredients come from nature, which means you can expect to look beautiful and have healthy skin that isn’t contaminated with harsh chemicals. All of the products from this company are made by hand so you can be sure only pure ingredients will be in the products you receive. Whether you are looking for mascara, blush, or lip-gloss; you can be assured earthlab will provide you with all natural, high quality products.


The Body Shop

Body Shop Logo

If you are looking for beauty products such as lotion, moisturizer, and shampoo; look no further than The Body Shop. This company feels strongly about eliminating animal testing and has been involved in numerous movements to ban this practice all together. They are constantly striving to reduce the amount of energy they use and the waste that is produced during production. The Body Shop uses efficient lighting, recycles their waste, and even uses alternative forms of energy such as solar panels. This company feels strongly about protecting the environment and they take the necessary steps to make this happen.


Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Cleaning Products LogoSeventh Generation provides a variety of environmentally friendly, green cleaning products.  They are one of our favorite brands that we use for home and office cleaning, but they don’t just make surface cleaning products — from diapers and wipes to laundry detergent and dish soap; Seventh Generation creates products that are safe for the planet. Their ultimate goal is to make sure the Earth is safe for generations to come. This company believes in being translucent, so much so that they list all of their ingredients on their website. You will never have to question what is in your products if you choose to use this company. All of their ingredients come from nature either in the form of plants or minerals, even their fragrances are taken from the oil of plants. Seventh Generation not only practices green living but supports other companies that do the same by giving out grants to those companies that also believe in sustainability.

But of course, if you don’t feel like buying Seventh Generation products and cleaning your house yourself, you can call on the pros at OC Green Clean to take care of the cleaning for you!


As far aMethod cleaning productss companies that provide green cleaning products, method is another one of OC Green Clean‘s favorite cleaning products companies. This company has found a way to create cleaning products that not only do their job but are friendly to the environment. They list all of the ingredients on all of their products so you as a buyer can be confident in what you are buying. They offer laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, hand soaps and so much more. Some of their products come in recycled plastic that was found in the ocean, this not only helps the environment but reduces waste. If you live green and want to clean green, try method.

Go Lite

Golite logoThis environmentally friendly company is based out of Colorado. They provide apparel and equipment for outdoor use. They make high quality products with minimal materials making shipping costs less and reducing the waste that is produced. The make most of their products from recycled or left over material and as a bonus, they will reuse any items that are returned to them. Lastly, the companies they work with that produce their products have the same goals and passions as Go Lite. They hold all of their affiliates to the same standards that they hold themselves and believe strongly in fair labor.

The Home Depot

Home Depot logoThe Home Depot is the place to go if you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to work on your home. The Home Depot actively recycles materials, they work to preserve natural resources through keeping a close eye on what they use and how they use it, and they offer over seven thousand planet friendly products. They offer classes to educate buyers about harmful substances that may be found in their home during renovation and advocate purchasing energy efficient equipment. You can recycle numerous items at The Home Depot and they use recycled materials for items such as plastic bags.




If you choose to live a green lifestyle, then finding and supporting stores that share you values is important. The companies listed above make up a very small percentage of environmentally friendly stores. By shopping at green companies you can further support the protection of the planet all while being able to purchase products that you know are natural and will have no adverse effects on the Earth. Whether you need cleaning products, baby items, or clothing; there is a company out there that shares you passion for living green and making the world a better place.

We hope you have enjoyed our series on living Green.  Please leave a comment if you enjoyed our series – we will be blogging more about cleaning and living green in the future!


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