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Living a Green Lifestyle – Part 3: Why It is Important to Recycle and Compost

Posted on October 7th, 2014 and filed under Green Living

If you are looking to live a truly green lifestyle, recycling and composting your waste is a must. Take a look at why taking a little extra time out of your day to recycle can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping our planet healthy.

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Conserving Raw Materials

When you conserve the raw materials used to make various household items, you greatly reduce the need to consume precious resources to replenish the products we use on a daily basis. This is a great way that you can help protect natural habitats around the country and even the world.

Saving Energy

Recycled materials of any kind require much less energy in the manufacturing process. These “previously used” materials have already been process from their raw forms and, in most cases, are ready to be transformed into new products.

Protecting The Environment

Mining, quarrying and logging are necessary in order to produce the products and goods that we use each and every day, though they often have a very detrimental effect on the world around us. The processing of these materials causes a great deal of air and water pollution, as well as a over production of greenhouse gases. Recycling reduces pollutants, helps to protect trees and lowers the amount of greenhouse emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

Reducing The Size Of Landfillslandfill

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) there are over 3,000 active landfills and more than 10,000 old municipal landfills in the United States alone. More than 25% of the total methane gas (a very powerful and dangerous greenhouse gas) is created in landfills by decomposing biodegradable waste. Landfills are overflowing and there is limited space to create more of them. Recycling is a great way to do your part when it comes to limiting what is added to large trash piles like these.

Save Yourself Some Money

Over time, as we continue to add to landfills and the amount of space we have for our trash becomes scarce, the government will begin to either fine, charge or tax you in order to compensate. As resources become more and more limited, manufacturers will charge more. This raise in costs will be due to a mixture of supply and demand and the fact that raw materials will be much more difficult to obtain. Though the financial benefits of recycling may seem to be years away, the sooner you start the better it will be.

The Wonders Of Composting From Home

Composting from home is an easy way to recycle all of the things that your town or municipality does not allow. There are many types of waste that can be composted that you may have never thought of. We all know that foods like vegetables, fruits, grass clippings and other forms of vegetation are perfect for composting but did you know you can easily add paper towels, tissues, tea bags, cereal boxes and egg shells to the mix too? Composting your food is the best way that you can help preserve the planet and environment by keeping our landfills as empty as possible and reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions you produce.

When these biodegradable items are buried in a landfill, they will produce methane gases as they rot. This type of gas is 20 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. If you put the same waste in a compost bin, the decomposition occurs in a completely different way and this harmful gas is not released.

Here is an informative video about how to compost in your backyard:


As you can clearly see, there are so many reasons why you should recycle and compost your waste that you would have to be crazy not to!

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