Who is OC Green Clean?

We are a locally owned and operated cleaning company based in Tustin and servicing our home area of Orange County, California. Our cleaning team consists of highly experienced and trained maids who use only eco-friendly products to clean your home or office.  Whether you live in a house, apartment, or mobile home; or whether you need a light clean, deep clean, move-in, move out clean, we can handle it all!

We started this company because of the way that we live our lives.  We are busy professionals that don’t have much time to clean, and we don’t want the inconvenience of calling around to a bunch of companies to get cleaning quotes.  At the same time, we are aware of the growing dangers of chemicals in our environment and food, and want to minimize the risk of toxins as much as possible.

Our maid teams will show up on time and complete the job to make sure you’re happy.  Customer service is one of the ways we separate ourselves from the rest, and all emails and phone calls will be returned in less than 60 minutes during normal business hours.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by offering:

  • Top quality service with some cool surprises thrown in
  • Honest, open communication with no hidden fees
  • All green, eco-friendly cleaning
  • 60-second online booking – all payment is done up front
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee

super maid service

What is our satisfaction guarantee? We will clean your home, and if you aren’t happy, we will reclean the missed areas again for free. If you are still not happy enough to recommend us to a friend, we will give you your money back!

Note: We reserve the right to refuse service to our customers for any reason.

About Green Cleaning

We use only eco-friendly, green cleaning products that are safe for your kids and pets. Why is it important to use green cleaning products?  Toxic cleaning chemicals have been known to cause respiratory and other health problems in many people, especially children.  With the effectiveness of many green products being improved daily, why bother using dangerous chemicals like bleach and ammonia?  Sometimes something as simple as water and vinegar will do the trick.

Long term exposure to harsh non-green products have been linked to more severe health conditions such as autism, ADHD, and severe life-threatening allergies such as peanut allergies.  We have discussed more of these dangers in our blog post.

Green benefits for our own workers

Green cleaning isn’t just a trend – it’s a healthier lifestyle for everyone.  At OC Green Clean, we greatly appreciate and value our employees and contractors who are hard at work cleaning your home.  They also prefer using eco-friendly products so that they aren’t breathing in fumes all day.  Green products are better for their lungs and also for their skin.  Everybody wins when we adopt a green cleaning lifestyle.

Our featured products:

We will often clean with basic household items like water, vinegar, and baking soda, but we also use commercially available green cleaning products from eco-friendly, socially conscious companies such as:

Seventh GenerationSimple GreenShakleeGreenworksMethod